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Trap Energy Solutions is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that make sense and have quick ROI periods. We believe this platform consists of the best energy-saving solutions that are available. We personally know these businesses and they trust Trap Energy Solutions to represent them in the marketplace.

Miura Boilers

Efficient, modular, reliable, low water volume, space-saving, low carbon, process steam boilers. Typical in-service energy savings of 15-20% over traditional firetube boilers.

Fireside coatings

High heat ceramic coatings specifically formulated to provide external abrasion resistance and corrosion protection of boiler tubing while increasing thermal efficiency.

Dynamic descaler

Safe chemical used on boiler water surfaces to remove unwanted scale, extends usable life, allows equipment to operate more efficiently with less down time.

superior products international

Ceramic based coatings specially designed to insulate surfaces in high temperature situations, blocking conductive heat transfer and reducing heat loss in steam systems.

boiler re-new

Exclusive service only offered by Trap Energy Solutions. Developed to revitalize aging process firetube boilers. Extending useful life. Typical energy savings 2%-6%.

Tube Cleaning 2.JPG

boiler tube cleaning

  • Fire tube brushing

  • Water tube cleaning

  • Hydroblasting services

  • Improved heat transfer

Our unique and sustainable solutions will help you meet your energy and environmental goals.


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