Our 25-point comprehensive inspection will reveal telling information about your boiler that you can leverage to make sound decisions.


Comprehensive Boiler evaluation

Our 25-point comprehensive steam boiler evaluation provides you with serious and useful information about your process boiler that you may not be receiving through typical inspection protocols. Our internal inspection typically takes 2-4 hours and is conducted during annual shutdown periods. Evaluation results are analysed and summarized in a detailed and graded report, which is submitted within 3 days of the evaluation. We recommend that our comprehensive boiler inspection is conducted every three years.

Check out these boys…Not to mention the beast behind them.

Check out these boys…Not to mention the beast behind them.

Our Comprehensive Boiler Evaluation includes:

  • Thorough Internal Surfaces Inspection

  • Borescope Visual Inspection

  • Scale Deposit Evaluation

  • CSD-1 Audit of Controls and Safety Devices

  • Jurisdictional Compliance Audit

  • Pressure Gage Calibration

  • Low-Water Fuel Cutoff (LWCO) Assessment

  • Stack and Breaching Remote Visual Inspection

  • Burner Refractory Inspection

  • Burner Inspection

  • Steam Valve(s) Visual Inspection

  • Boiler End-of-Life Assessment

  • Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Testing Survey

  • Liquid Penetrant (PT) Weld Inspection

  • Furnace Tube Inspection

  • Pressure Relief Safety Valve Inspection

  • Gaskets Check

  • Boiler Doors Check

  • Water Treatment Records Review

  • Maintenance Records Review

  • Repair History Audit

  • Foundation Assessment

  • Boiler Insulation Evaluation

  • Boiler Shell Condition


Follow-up Visit

After the boiler has been returned to service, Trap Energy Solutions will return to conduct follow-up testing that includes:

  • Complete CSD-1 Operational Checks

  • LWCO Evaporation Checks

  • Combustion Analysis

  • Boiler Efficiency Calculations

  • Carbon Emissions Calculation

  • Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging